The Farmhouse

We love and respect the land, so we’ve been producing for several generations without forcing it.

The Farm Hotel

Accommodation housed in the Farm so visitors may enjoy the beauty of the countryside.

The Olive Oil

Produced from our olive trees carefully groomed throughout the crop cycle.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We bottle our own olive oil at our installations because a good extra virgin olive oil of superior quality you first and foremost get in the countryside.

Label Tenuta Francesca Stajano

The great fragrance of the oil of still almost unripe olives, hand-picked with the aid of mechanical means.

Label Cento Ducati

The kindness and the fragrance of the oil from almost ripe olives, harvested mechanically.

The flats

Discover the apartments of Tenuta Stajano.
Spacious and comfortable accommodations with relevant open spaces to fabulous views.


Francesca Stajano Farm leads olive tree land sites in the district of Lecce in Southern Italy,
dispersed in the countryside of Alezio, Gallipoli, Melissano and Nardò,
for an extension of approximately 50 hectares on which stand about 7,000 olive trees.