Label Cento Ducati

Technical Specifications

Area of origin: Salento (Apulia, Southern Italy)
Harvesting season: from October to November
Variety of olives: Cellina, Frantoio, Pendolino and Ogliarola
Harvesting system: Mechanised olive tree harvesting
Milling: A few hours after collection
Squeezing: Cold
Appearance: Clear
Color: yellow with emerald green reflections
Aroma: Medium fruity with hints of fresh fruit
Taste: Fruity and persistent
Density: Medium
Use: raw on bruschetta (Italian toast with fresh tomatoes), vinaigrettes, salads, meats, boiled legumes and vegetables. Great for fish and delicate dishes.
All product stages are carefully followed by our trusted agronomist.


The three flavours of our oil

Frantoio variety
It is a variety imported from Tuscany in the 60s of last century. Delicate taste, ideal for white fish and salads.

Natural blend of varieties “cellina” and “ogliarola”. Native varieties are cultivated and collected promiscuously. Very intense and fruity taste, ideal for roast meat and mushrooms.

Blend of varieties “cellina” and “ogliarola” with the addition of a moderate percentage of variety “frantoio”. Mitigated taste if compared to the blend previously described. Ideal for cooked beans and vegetables.